my mom told me to put the dog to bed but didn’t specify which bed 

Some things never change..


when you catch up on a tv show and run out of episodes to watch and feel empty and lost inside

what good is power, if you cannot protect the ones you love?

                       w e   c a n   a v e n g e   t h e m .

sophie turner, phoebe tonkin, paul wesley, & holland roden photographed by justin campbell at  san diego comic con / july 26th 2014

get to know me meme: [1/10] actors/actresses
natalie dormer - ”I know people think that acting is not quite the occupation of grown-ups, but it is actually the ultimate learning process: You get a multitude of experiences, all for the price of one life.”


i keep my phone on at all times just in case nev and max calls because someone done used my selfies


*awkwardly left alone with a baby* soooo….. do you… watch game of thrones?